Thursday, April 1, 2010

Epic Week.

So it's Thursday.
This time last week I had just woken up from a lame attempt at going to Roi with Squires and continued watching a lecture about the Galactic Confederation of light.
Stefan came over and he drove us to Wangaratta to watch Gabriel at the school Talent Quest.
We picked up Madison from work, then G.
The performances were great! Had fun watching.
Drove back that night and Madison came back with us.
We went home via Rowands house and he gave me the Camera and all the lenses, flashes and what not aswell as a quick "how-to" which really helped.

Friday, Madison and I attempted at getting ready to go the Gold Cup Races, but in the end were just like... fuck this.
Instead we indulged ourselves in a day long photoshoot and noodle box. (Photo's from previous blog)
I had work breifly and then later we went to Wangaratta for the party Jai had for Aarons going away.
I was in the most bizarre, hypo-mood ever.

Saturday morning I woke up late in Madisons bed, she had already been up and out and around the world in time to get back to me still snoring my tits off.
We went out got Maccas/Jaxon and met Elouise back at Madisons.
Later said our farewells to Madison who had to babysit kids that night.
I drove Elouise and Jaxon home and later Ash and Stefan came over then we went to Ceri's birthday party.
It was fun :)
Then after a failed attempt at going out everyone ended back at my place.
What a hilarious night that was, there is a HEAP of photo's from that night on my facebook: Album Link.
Then when the night started settling down and every possible bed was overcrowded with people, Tim and Jordyn rocked up... BRINGING MADISON :D
So then we partied a little longer and went to sleep.

Sunday was a very lazy day.
Everyone with cars had left early in the morning so I had about 7 people and only one car which sort of ruined the day in way.
We made it down the street eventually and it was pretty sucky.
On the way home we went to Red-Rooster for their delicious chips and the KFC veg-twisters and then Hungry jacks.
The highlight of it all was we went through the drive thru in reverse.
It was hilarious! 
We thought we were so funny and at KFC we got the biggest bitch who wouldn't crack a smile if she won a million dollars, luckily everyone else inside found it funny.
Then Hungry Jacks we did it... whilst waiting for our food we had a lady in a car drive up behind us/infront of us looking pissed off as hell by what we were doing.
She had her son obviously in the passenger seat, he was about 19.
I thought I'd wave to him, and in return I got the finger.
I was like dude! WTF! We're just bringing some happiness to this cold, miserable world by driving through reverse.
Anyway, then he actually gets out of his car and marching over to my car dressed in UNIT and southern cross tattoos... yes I'm serious... hmm maybe he had head my song?
I was like 'ahh fack' *quickly winds up window and locks doors* and it was lucky I did too he fucking tried to get in the car obviously to beat the living hell out of me, failed so starts laying into the fucking window, fails, so punches my side view mirror off.
It was fucking ridiculous.
None of us could believe that someone could get so worked up over nothing.
He officially became the biggest cockhead i've ever encountered. 
Boy it was funny but!
Eventually Ash, Sam, Elouise, Madison and Myself made it home and we re-arranged my room and also the 'band prac' room got a huge make-over... I'm lovin it. So much more space for activities!
We even bought the Ping Pong table in.
Went to Rhys's late that night.
After Madison did both Ash's and my make-up that is.
I'm sure we must've all gotten high off the smoke there because when we got home we were all pissing ourselves laughing at everything.
Again there's more pictures on facebook^.

Monday morning Elouise left us, so it was just Sam Mitchell, Madison and I remaining.
I was going to take them both home after work but we were like fuck it, lets stay another night!
So we got noodles and Jaxon and came back to mine. Sam Hamilton also came up and got amoungst.

Tuesday morning I got up nice and early and left a snoring Madison to go get my car roadworthy.
I took Pom for a walk and lost my $50 note I had in my pocket... luckily I found it on the road.
Finally got around to taking Sam back to Yarra and Madison back to Wang, via Boost that was.
Sam's house was amazing! I took this pic from the 3rd story roof :)

Wednesday, well yesterday... I had my first night alone in ages.
I got woken up by Edwina because I had to take her to school as well as take my car over to get some things fixed for roadworthy slip.
A fucking c#nt of a cop followed me for most of the way through wodonga, waited until I parked out the front of the car yard only then to make a scene and put his lights on.
He tried everything to fine me. Wasn't satisfied with an Alcohol test so he did a drug test too, that took fifteen minutes... the whole time his lights on and everyone watching.
Then eventually goes... your back p-plate isn't on... that's $117.
:O I was like are you fucking serious!!!? My back p-plate is always fucking on!
I had a spare I said I would chuck on but he insisted on being the biggest cockface alive.
I swear he took it off while I was posting a facebook status saying I'm getting pulled over by the cops.
Anyway... I crave the $117 dollar fines. Its always in Victoria so I refuse to go back there for a while.
Anyway I got over it... Hayden came over and we got started on some new Chelsea stuff, he left and I continued to record some of new songs.
Went to Roi last night and had a bit of fun also.
I took my headphones and just listened to my own music.
Smartest but lamest thing I've ever done.


Anonymous said...

Why do i read your blog? Yours sincerely Stefan.

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha check out that collie