Friday, April 2, 2010


Tonight I went to Paddys with Hayden and Sam... lost them in the first two seconds.
Took myself for a stroll, which turned into an adventure.
I managed to score two more big fish eye mirrors :)
I walked an effload.
Did some risky, scary things on my own.
Loved every second of it.
Eventually came back to Paddys and no one even noticed I'd left haha...
But Megan was there. I love her.
Then Roi. Ally was there. I love her.
Ashlea was also there and I also love her too.
We sort of proposed. It was nice.
I took Ally home and we talked for ages. It was nice.
I came home and Edwina, Georgia, and Bonnie were just chillin. I love them.
Now I'm just kicking back about to do some Meditation.
Oh and I'm eating Noodlebox.
I love it.

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master garrigan said...

hey man, howd you get ito the old mill? im planning an exhibition of my own.
PM me back?