Friday, April 30, 2010

Last Chelsea Gig and other info...

Chris Cooper took some effin rad snaps, please do take a look!
I've got some video footage of that night too thanks to Paige Tippett ;)
I'll get around to it. I promise.
Also... our "new band" demo I've been recording at my house with all my new pro-azzz gear :)
I spent like 600+ on recording gear/mics etc last week.
I'm poor. I swear I'm always spending big amounts of money on things.
Tonight I recorded Mitch/Tom Aytons, Matt Peacock and Sam Hamilton's new upcoming band!
It's sounding SICK.
It's just a quick demo, but it's sounding rad!
Done all the music... just need to get Ham to hammer out some vocals.
Anyway... keep your ears and eyes peeeled.

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Vetty said...

tis a good shot !