Sunday, April 11, 2010

Old Fashion Fun

Yep so the other day Edwina and I took Pom for a walk and found a rope up this tree.
Funniest thing ever sending Edwina up there to retrieve it, I had to give her a boost, she basically ended up faceplanting into the trunk twice.
We got home and I found a broomstick, sawed it small, found some rubber grip things to put on the end and then off we went to find a nearby tree to hang it off.
Right opposite our house we found one, I climbed up and tied it in place.
From there on its history. But I tell you... its bought the whole street together haha and so many laughing fits and near death experiences haha.

1 comment:

lorien said...

that looks cool.. where does that chick go when she falls? is she flipping like you are?