Sunday, April 11, 2010

Just if anyone was interested in my insanity:

In regards to a blog link someone sent me titled "Killuminati":

Q: Some one says it started 6,000 years ago, and it's been in the making since. Theres going to a world leaders meeting and then everything will change from then on. Lady Gaga is said to be the 3rd from the top of Lucifer.

NOTE: only read this if you have just a slight idea of what we're talking about, otherwise you'll think I'm nuts... Which I probs am.
Lucifer. Means "light bearer" in Latin. Therefore, he the light, the truth... Is actually a term in which is "Christ's".
Lucifer is the light of knowledge and truth. The opposing "white light" is the energy of unconditional love.
Those two energies make up this universe, however lucifer being associated with villiany is only a result of misuse and misunderstanding of these two opposing forces in dimensions lower than the fifth.

I don't know whether I'm agreeing with you or trying to say otherwise just stating some claimed facts from a member of the confederation of light.
If you would like to learn more then type " confederation of light" and "attainable mind" into google and there's a vid on the page of a man of egytian heritage/aus accent who speaks a two hour interview and basically sums up alot of what I believe. Actually I'll find the video for you:

I couldn't post the link to the video on iPhone but it's the first video you find on that page after scrolling through alot of info. 

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