Sunday, April 11, 2010


Two new songs for you guys to scope out:

Hindsight- A song I wrote about school life a while back.

Monday Morning- A song of Haydens we/he recorded last night.

I've recorded a few others but I've ran out of room on myspace to put them all up, once I'm finished recording all my songs for what I'm calling my 'Home' Album, I'll post a download link for all those who have asked me to send them to you.
I've got about 4 songs more to record then I'll re-edit them all to try make them sound as if they were recorded at the same time. Far out, I think that's about 14 songs.
From there on... Hayden and I are collaborating our music, so hopefully our songs will be more than twice as good if we'd written them on our own.
Oh and we're doing an acoustic competition on the 15th of April at QEII, just one song, get down and support us!
Oh and then on the 16th we have CWJ's last gig at Albury Civic centre. Again, get down.
Oh and double 'oh', On the 14th it's my birthday... but I really ain't looking forward to that :(


Anonymous said...

these songs are awesome :D

Anonymous said...

judd you are gorgeous ;)