Monday, April 5, 2010


The other day Jaxon and I went on the hunt for some more big fish eye mirrors.
We went picked up Ashlea.
We were scoping out a few near the medical center but saw security so legged it.
We then went to the Abandon Mill.
Climbed up to the 3rd story bit and found two full fire extinguishes, so claimed them.
Also a shovel I found a while ago to jam the door open... Claimed that too.
Also nailed two more mirrors.
We then drove to mine for like ten minutes and then went back to West Albury to pick up Alex from a house she was at.
On the way up Pemberton rd got pulled over by the cops as the car I was driving was being searched for, for suspected graffitiing on the medical center!
Haha I was shitting myself as I've had that many fookin fines lately and I wasn't sure how fast I was going around the bend, I also had a car from Jaxon's Dad's car yard that didn't have rego I don't think and Victorian P's... and they were like... "Why are you so nervous Judd!?"
I'm thinking to myself... because i hate you bastards! But said something a bit nicer.
They ended up searching our entire car/pockets.
Luckily I had taken the Fire E's and shovel out of the boot at mine, but I had kept the mirrors in there.
They were like what are these and I was like... hmm must of been there already.
Anyway... we got away fine, went to ashlea's, chilled.
On way back I stopped at the same place to get the screwdriver that had been in my pocket, that I had to lob before they checked our pockets... as I was doing that, Jaxon and Alex were flashing the camera to passing car, pretending to be a speed camera when the cops pulled over beside them haha, I legged my legs out and luckily the cops drove off.
When I got home I watched Passion of the Christ... five words: THAT SHIT IS FUCKED UP!
Then The Fourth Kind... again.
Then the next morning, my mum woke us Vegans up with Jelly beans and "orpan boy" as she'd calling Jaxon with Lindt Bunny... Oh how I envied him haha... but the beans were good! Ily Tra...
Happy Easter all, hope Jesus treated you well.

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